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The IWK Foundation puts your donation towards making world-class care possible.

"You, our donors, are at the heart of what we do at the IWK Foundation. Your generosity directly supports the women, children and youth at IWK Health. Thank you."

Jennifer Gillivan, ICD.D
President & CEO, IWK Foundation

"We are a public, not-for-profit organization that raises funds to support urgent, priority needs."

IWK Health provides specialized care to women, children and youth from across the Maritime provinces.

Your donations directly support priority equipment and fund programs, research and new facilities at IWK Health.


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Automatically roundup purchases to help the IWK Foundation and get access to exclusive perks and benefits from hundreds of retailers.

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Each time you make a purchase on a linked card, we'll round up the total to the nearest dollar and donate that to the IWK Foundation


Your personal information is securely encrypted. Changelt has partnered with Visa and Mastercard so credit card details are held with the issuing network. Your data is safe with Changeit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please send an email to changeit@iwkfoundation.org.

When you sign up, the program will automatically round up each transaction you make to the nearest dollar amount, for your linked card. That calculated "spare change" is added to a virtual money jar. At the end of each month, that total amount of your spare change is your donation amount for the past month. We charge the linked credit card the donation amount, and the jar empties to start rounding up your purchases for the next month.

Brands want to reward shoppers. Cash Back is a simple way for brands to give you money for shopping with them.

Earning Cash Back in store is simple! Just link one or more eligible Canadian Mastercard or Visa credit cards to your IWK Foundation ChangeIt account. When you shop at participating local stores, and online, and pay with your eligible linked card, you’ll automatically earn Cash Back on qualifying purchases.

Cash Back will be added as a credit to your credit card statement within 30-60 days. We trust you, but to ensure that fraudsters don't take advantage of the Cash Back system, there is often a holding period that corresponds to the return or refund period of the brands. Please refer to the specific terms for information on if, and how long, the holding period is, to earn your cash back. You can see the breakdown of earned cash back from any of your purchases on your Account Activity page.

To link a card, sign-up through www.iwkfoundation.changeitapp.net. Once you are signed up, log-into your account and click ‘Manage Credit Card’ in the navigation bar where you will then have the option to add/link a Canadian Visa or Mastercard card respectively.

After linking your credit card to your ChangeIt account, for each transaction you make using that linked card, we’ll calculate the difference between the transaction amount and the nearest whole dollar. This difference is what we call the ‘round up’.For example, if you make a transaction for $1.75 the ‘round up’ will be $0.25.

To receive a tax receipt, donors must add their mailing address to their customer profile in the ChangeIt platform. Due to the nature of the platform, only donations that are made while an address is on the file may be able to receive a receipt.

For example, if a donor signs up for the program in August, but does not add an address to their file until September, they may not be able to receive a receipt for donations made between June and September.

Tax receipts will be automatically issued to all donors that provide a mailing address and make a cumulative annual donation equal to or greater than $20. Tax receipts for ChangeIt transactions will be processed once at the end of a calendar year and sent out prior to February 28.

For example, if a donor signs up for ChangeIt for the IWK Foundation in September, their cumulative receipt for all donations made from September-December will be issued by February 28 of the following year.

If you have any questions regarding your receipt, please contact the IWK Foundation at changeit@iwkfoundation.org or 1-800-595-2266.

If you decide you no longer want to support the IWK Foundation ChangeIt Program, you can stop your participation by going to ‘Manage Credit Card’ in the navigation bar and click the ‘trash can’ icon to unlink your card(s).

At this time, you can only use a Canadian Visa or Mastercard Credit Card.

Each transaction/round-up donation made will be shown in the ‘Activity’ section in your profile. There will also be a summary on your homepage of the total round-up amount.

Offers are categorized and shown on the homepage of your profile, with further information of these offers shown when you click on the specific offer.

To access IWK Foundation ChangeIt offers, you need to sign up and link a credit card. Think of them as a reward for enrolling to contribute monthly to IWK Foundation. To sign up, click here.

You can access the privacy policy for IWK Foundation here.

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